Base on Real Story “Ghatana”

Brothers and sisters relationship is one of the great relationship in the human relations for sharing the same blood is the key and core base for this relationship. Particularly in the family relations brother have a very emotional and heart full relationship.From the childhood sister and brother share a very emotional and cordial relationship.
Growing together in the same atmosphere, sharing all the fortunes and hardships but still together. Sharing the love and affection of the parents, family members and relatives in a lovely way.Big brother cares his sister and want to see her always happy and the sister always wants to see her brother healthy and prosperous, so that he can take care of her on her all needs and requirements. This is very well depicted in the great tradition of RAKSHA BANDHAN in India.Not only in India, all over the world the brothers and sisters relationship has its significance.

The love, affection, intimacy and unity between a sister and brother has no compression. After the parents, it is the brother who takes care of her sister in a most affectionate way.Big brother stands for his sister in all her needs. Brother provides a sense of security and protection to his sister. Therefore brother and sister relationship has its unique and special significance.
For that matter all big brothers are very fond of their sisters and love them and protect them. This is how brother shows his commitment towards her sister.
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