Dance plus 2 is getting more awesome with each episode! -

So, Dance plus 2 is the newest dance reality show that has only one aim – to showcase all kinds of dance! And it’s doing a brilliant job. with every episode, we are left stunned with the talent that comes on stage! Seriously, your jaws will drop. Remo D’Souza is the main judge while the ones mentoring the participants are Dharmesh Yelande, Punit Pathak and Shakti Mohan. Each of them are selected through public voting, which gives every participant a fair chance at winning. There are groups, solo dancers, you get to see a bit of everything.

Tonight was the selection for the finale, so they brought on board another dancing master to watch them. What’s more, their performances left this dance maestro tongue tied. He’s epic, amazing and has got the moves! It’s none other than Prabhudheva! Sonu Sood was also present. They were there to promote their upcoming horror comedy movie- Tutak Tutak Tutiya.They had fitting tribute for dance master and he was left feeling overwhelmed, He called it the show’s best moment!
The first performance tonight was by the WILD ripperz and they left the dance master speechless. What did he know, that was going to happen often tonight! The slow mo by the B.A.N.D.I.T.S was sight to watch. They are team of 8-10 people but they seem like one person! The synchronization was unbelievable! Since they danced to Prabhudeva’s famous song Mukkala, the man himself obviously had to come on stage and even after so many years, he blows you away! This man is a magician on the dance floor!

You can’t stop staring at him! The B.A.N.D.I.T.S obviosuly got double plus and got through the finals. And then there were the Ele Angels who danced with fire! They did not even flinch! whoa! The little girls also got a double Plus. And then there was Mang Mia who was the Epitome of grace as he danced to O Re Piya. We are sure even Madhuri Dixit would have been amazed by the dance. He got a double Plus 2!
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