Dance Plus Season 2 – Grand Finale

Maya tells the reason who she figured out that Zakir is not real RK. Maya says his answer was right, but it did not have the hatred in his voice which RK has, he has taken Sooraj’s name by respect and love, and got caught. RK says my blood boils hearing Sooraj’s name, I failed in my mission because of you, else every mission was successful. He says Sandhya has ruined my hardwork. He says that day he has decided to come back, and take away her most valuable thing Sooraj. RK laughs and Maya celebrates his birthday. He says Sandhya, your Sooraj will die infront of your eyes today. Bhabho says no, you can’t kill my Sooraj, you are free, you go from here with your gang, if our family did any mistake, I apologize to you.

RK says yes, my mission is completed, but what about the hatred in my heart, 5 years I have been dying every moment, I have grown this hatred. RK says he will kill Sooraj or Sandhya. Bhabho says leave both of them. RK says fine, I will not kill Sandhya, but on one condition, you have to slap Sandhya tightly infront of all of us. Bhabho slaps Sandhya, and RK makes her slap again and again. He tells Maya that they have to free them now, for 15 mins. Prema says but we have everything, why don’t we kill them. RK says are you mad, did you not hear Sooraj is not afraid of death, so I want to give him 15mins of life, to spend with his mum and wife. RK says as my birthday gets over, Sooraj’s life is over. He starts counting.

Sandhya sees Maya’s asthma pump. She cleverly picks the asthma pump and ignites the fire there. Maya starts coughing and looks for the pump. Sandhya takes the gun from Maya’s hand and aims at her. RK asks what is Sandhya doing. Sandhya says if he shoots, then she will shoot the pump. Zakir takes the gun from the goon and aims at them. RK looks on angrily. Sandhya asks Sooraj and Bhabho, and others to get back in the plane. Sandhya and Zakir shoot at terrorists. The people see the news of tv about RK and decision of govt to free him, will the passengers come back, is there any hope. Babasa cries thinking about Bhabho. Sandhya presses the button which electrocutes RK. She thinks she has showed the power circuit in RK’s shoes to control him. Disha sees Maya’s pump. She gives it to Maya.
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