Deepa and Priyanka Kissed Magne Buda During Chhakka Panja Opening

The film Chhakka Panja revolves around four friends in a village — Raja (Deepak Raj Giri), Saraswoti (Jeetu Nepal), Magne (Kedar Ghimire) and Buddhi (Buddhi Tamang). Raja is rich but illiterate and enjoys life, and tells his friends to not get married or hold any job. However, he secretly has affairs with married women.
Then one day Raja gets married to Champa (Priyanka Karki), and the story enters a serious mode when Champa elopes with someone else. The lives of Raja and his friends are turned upside down. Chhakka Panja is a total comedy and social drama, a story of friendship, love and revenge. It is hilarious from start to finish. With comedy and satire on society, it ‘is’ funny and takes you to Raja’s land.
Deepa Shree Niraula as the debutant director has done a good job. The storyline and setting is nothing new, but the way it has been presented is different, hence refreshing. Giri’s look resembles that of Govinda’s in the Bollywood film Raja Babu. Except for Dayahang Rai and Dhurmus of Wada No. 6, the other characters are the same. One may see these characters regularly on television, but the director has presented these characters in new avatars. Nepal is a simple bahun baje, Ghimire is a clueless young man who is fond of eating goat’s ear. Atit (Shivahari Poudel) is presented as a responsible man who helps his friends whenever there is a need.@Himalayantimes
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