Jyoti hot dance and song in Holi festival at Kathmandu

In this latest time ,folk singer Jyoti Magar has been in the list of those singer who are famous in stage show with their excitatory performance.This performance of her are in criticism of some critics while there are people who shout ‘once more’ for her performance.Lately she gave her bold and exciting performance in holi who is now in the mouth of critics as well as her fans.
In the occasion of holi performing in the program organized in Kathmandu she didn’t leave a single state to show her private parts.It seem that she was giving more priority to her dance rather than singing when while her brea$t was intending to show off from are open buttoned white shirt.That was not enough to describe her performance because she gave people to see a lot through her performance. Another most memorable things was her skirt she wore in the performance. The skirt which much above from her knee gave another exciting shape to her bombarding performance.Though her voice was as that of singer her performance definitely caught the eyes of those who were their to play holi. Those people will definitely not going to forget this holi. She also bend down intentionally showing her cleavage which was doing lot of effort to get shown by itself and gave audience to have a good view of it. But that exciting performance in the day of holi was not enough for the audience which is why they were shouting’Once More’ for her performance again. Well probably Jyoti herself has known what she was doing and effect in her future life.
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