New Nepali Short Movie “Call Aayo”

Some girls does the business as prostitute. They just make this for money. No one of girls does this with their want, but when they want something they use this medium to get to their want because these days all we need is money and money doesn’t come normally.

 Pareli film presents a short Nepali movie “call ayo” which contains the story of two girls who works as prostitute for living. They used to get a call when they get some boys and they used to go and give them their body for a while and get money instead. Both of them used to work as pr)$t!tute and they used to live together. That was one day when both of girl were sitting and they were having talk and at that time one girl says that she needs money but she is not getting proper customer but another girl says that she just de@lt with the rich customer and he gave her enough money.

Than after that she got call in between where it was told that she need to go as one of the male customer waiting her but she sends her friend because she was in need of money. Than she gets ready and goes to that place.
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