Sonali Mukherjee-Tiwari: Ac*!d @tt@ck victim and survivor

After having @c!d thrown in her face a woman suffered horr!f!c burn$ and lost her eyesight. It happened because she turned down the $e*u@l advances of three men. Now the 29 year old is finally getting married. When three teenagers br0ke into her home and threw @c!d over her after they branded her ‘arr0*gant’ for turning them down brave Sonali Mukherjee-Tiwari, 29, was left with 70 per cent burns to her face. Sonali was forced to endure more than 28 different surg!cal procedures and was just 17 at the time.

And medics battled to limit the dam*@ge the @c!d had done to her skin in the 2003 @tt@*ck. Sonali spent much of the next decade hiding in her parents home, having been left blind and disfigured. But following a number of appearances on TV in India, her story touched the heart of one viewer so deeply, he had to get in touch.

Sonali and 29-year-old Chittaranjan Tiwari fell in love and tied the knot after a period of getting to know each other. Sonali said, ‘I never believed marriage would happen to me. I was building myself up for a life time alone. I’ve spent the last ten years building my $tren*gth and independence but this is a dream come true’. In 2013 electric engineer Chittaranjan first clapped eyes on his future wife on a TV crime programme and felt compelled to get in touch.

 He decided to get in touch with her after he managed to find her mobile phone number on the internet. Sonali added, ‘Lots of people get in touch with me and wish me well, I thought Chittaranjan was just another well-wisher. He was very kind and said some very lovely words and we just kept in touch. Over time we got very friendly.’
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