Terrible cycle stunt in the white stripes on the rock -

30-year-old Macila Kolabekale have performed a terrible bicycle stunt.He risked his life while performing the stunt by riding cycle on white stripes drawn on giants rock mountain,Arijonako rocks in Sedona. There are such vertical rocks that just we wouldn’t dare to look to its bottom from top.But this courageous cyclist is just no match for gravity as he was riding cycle in small road carved on that rocks.While he was working in the drone he was also being shit by the ‘drone’ with camera on it.The drone has recorded how he rode on that small carved road and again return through same one on those big vertical rocks. He was in this field and claimed to have reached to do this work suddenly.
Before taking his cycle to this firm vertical rocks he leaked out some air from the wheel of bicycle to ensure the wouldn’t slip down.He first crossed the distance after correct the syadal and suspension of his cycle.Then after he collected enough courage, he began his stunt. After returning from this stunt trip he said that he is alive to do this kind of stunt and he would have done it even if he do not have to shoot the video.He also added that drone was became bonus for him so that the scenes were able to be clicked and also these kind of stunt need lot of experiences because of which just anyone can’t go for it. He said that, “This work need strong mental power.

If you don’t believe yourself or no efficiency then you cannot mentally prepared.Most importantly you should be able to keep away the thought of possible accidents during the trip.In this way I only gave attention to my way and rode it successfully.” This rocky land mark is considered to be famous in Sedona where 12000 people reside.This place is also famous for the artistic people.The main attraction of this place the different artistic structures of rocks.
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