Video Shooting in Five Hundred Only

Recently we can see lots of p*rn video uploaded on the social site. Most of them are of foreigners but now we can see Nepali people too making such video and selling it on the social site.
Here in this video we can see the same thing about that sort of videos. In Nepal people are doing this business in a very small amount as you can hear here in this video.
They told that girls are ready to make such video at just 5 hundred rupees. Most of the video are taken by mobile and girls are fooled and the video is been made after that.
Most of the girl who does prostitution is involved in such videos. It is told that they has made many videos like this. Most of the girl are ready to make such videos in some sort of amount. They feels like this is nothing and they are happy with it. And some doesn’t even know that their video is made to keep on the social site in order to earn some money as p*rn cost much in social site. In this news you can hear the entire thing what is going with Nepali girls.
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