Aama – Oct 25th 2016

Sima Basnet suffers from burns to her face and is being treated at Bir Hospital, Kathmandu. Meanwhile, Sangita Pulami Magar who was affected the most, suffers from horrific burns to her face, neck, chest and hands is still being treated by a team of plastic surgeons and ophthalmologists at Kathmandu Medical College hospital.After speaking to the father of Sangita ( Prem Pulami Magar) on the phone, I found out that the treatment for Sangita is ongoing. Her health is slowly improving and there has been progress in her eyesight. However, sad news is that the perpetrator still hasn’t been caught and no one has been arrested on suspicion. Reasons for the henious attack is still unclear, but whatever it was, no one deserves having acid thrown on their faces or body parts. We cannot take away what has happened , but for now our concern should be to support the two victims with their recovery.Acid Attack is a cruel form of oppression of women, leaving victims, not only with physical scars, but psychological torment. They leave a long-term pain, disfigurement and misery. *Nepal’s legal system has no specific provision for acid attacks, however, culprits, if arrested, are booked under culpable homicide which carries a fine of up to Rs 2,000 and a maximum sentence of four months.
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