Dewar Bhauju Nepali short movie

DNM production house presents a short film named as Dewar and Bhauju. As the relation between sister in law and brother in law is like mother and son, they tells that this relationship is pure like mother and son but here you can see the different in this relationship.
Here in this film there are three characters one is women and another two are man. The women is just sitting on a home and she was spending her time on computer and at that time a boy came who was supposed to be her husband’s brother and that time her husband was also not in that house.
Brother came home and they talked with each other like a family talk as he was searching a job and was dissapointed that he didn’t find a job and she too convinced him telling that his brother will help him to find a job but at the same time he got carried away and got $edu*ced with his sister in law and even she coordinated him and they started having r*om@nce there and suddenly her husband who was the brother of that boy came there, he saw it and got hu*rt and he sc)lded them and he goes out of that home living them alone.
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