Vehicle that fits in your bag

You may have never seen a bike that even run in the puddle and sand. And also is capable of running in teeny-tiny stairs. You just have never seen and imagine that kind of motor bike. If you have then it must in some fictional movie. A motorbike that you can easily run it as per your need and can pack it and can can carry in your bag. You must have been shocked.

 This may have given you a great thunder in your head and may be wishing that you could get to grab it soon. This unique featured bike may have made you eager and awaited. The name of this bike is terrain,which have been made in a Russ.This may look very huge and heavy, but is very light in weight. It is that light weighted that a healthy man can easily carry it.

 This bike invented for the traffic in Russ jungle, and now this is getting popular whole over world day by day. All world are wishing to have the same bike with them. Watch out the video for every little information about this magnificent motorbike.
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