Nepali Short Movie Police K!$$e$

A new Nepali short movie has been uploaded on YouTube and it is very funny. In the short movie a group of hull!gans make a plan on how to earn money. They go to a police inspectors house and steal his clothes.

The police starts to search for them and the three on the other hand start to rob people by wearing the uniform. Later they get c@ught but even after getting c@ug*ht, the leader starts to have an affair with the same inspector’s sister. The inspector gets very angry and takes both his sister and his uniform. But later they mess with him even more after another guy from the group takes away the girl he is about to marry. He tries to catch them and deal with them. But they run with their girl and his sister. One of the inspector’s friend also becomes their friend and starts to do the same thing.
Later he also gives up and decided to stop doing his work and do the same thing.
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