New Nepali Short Film “SAMBANDHA “

Every relationship has it’s own name, value and limits. You cannot act same to everyone. Here Hamro Online TV presents the film on which you will get the message of same thing. This is the relationship between the brother in law and brother’s wife. This is such a serious matter.
When husband goes to abroad sometimes women does a mistake getting in affair with another person. This is the common case these days, but here you can see how a women is getting attached to brother of her husband and that ended up with d*e@th.
One day as she came back after bathing brother saw her and he gets seduced and after that they both had physical relation with each other. This was happening frequently, they were sharing the same bed and one day the women noticed that no menstruation happened with her lately and she shared to that brother. They decided to go to hospital and it was found that she was pregnant and than they had no any option to abort the baby. That condition was so hard for both of them and they both decided to d!e and they took po!$on and d!ed.
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