New Nepali Short Movie Katha Pardeshiko

A new Nepali short movie has been uploaded on YouTube and the story is very relate able to many young men and women of Nepal.

In the short movie a girl is having a romantic with her lover where as her husband is working day and night for his family. She asks him for money and her husband on the other hand tells he will send her some money with no fear.
The next day while he is sitting with his friends, his friends start talking about work and how he should not had left his wife in the city.
He trusts his wife and is ready to do anything for her. But his wife on the other hand is with another man and is planning to run away soon. As soon as she gets the money, she and he lover run away leaving her son alone. The next day when the husband finds out that his wife ran away, he cries and regrets what he did.
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