Je Maage Ni Tehi Dinchhu Nepali Short Movie

A new Nepali short movie which is a presentation of Kaliug has now been uploaded on YouTube. The h^t and $e^y short movie has been uploaded on official YouTube channel of ‘Kaliug’. The title of the hot short movie is ‘Je Maage Ni Tehi Dinchhu’.
 The short movie is very hot but it happens in many cases. In the short movie a man is sitting in his room and suddenly someone knocks on his door. He opens the door and sees one of his students. He asks her why she was late as her classmates had already finished their classes. The girl sits beside him and looks at very seductively. She says that she wanted to talk to him about something important and that is why she came to him so late. The man asks what and holds her hands. The girl tells him to leak question that he is about to ask in test tomorrow and she even adds that for that she is ready to don everything. The man also gets very excited and agrees. They start acting in a very $eductive way and start to touch each other. They even end up having !nterc)ur$e at the same time.
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