Video of snake show at Palpa, Nepal

In India snake charmers are found every where. It is a very popular occupation in India. The snake charmers walk from town to town showing different tricks with snake.
 They use their instruments and make the snake dance and they also show many other tricks. But now a new Nepali video is going viral on the internet which is also related to snakes. The video which has been uploaded on YouTube shows a young man showing amazing yet sc@ry tricks with snake. The video was captured from a talent show competition in Palpa Nepal. A young man identified as Sagar comes on stage wearing a cricket jersey of Nepal. He then pick up a jar and takes out a small snake from it. He starts to play with the snake as the crowd cheers for him. He does not seem scared and them he puts the snake inside his shirt.

 He then takes out another snake from another jar and starts to plays with it. He even kisses the snake at one point. He then keeps it in his shirt too and takes them both out from the bottom of his pants. He does the snake trick using a bigger snake.
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